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Arizona Way Out West & Wacky - Awesome Activities! Humorous History And Fun Facts!

We travel out west every now and then. It's really far from where we live here in LA and we usually drive the whole way.

We drive because it's cheaper and also because we love the adventure of all the people and things and scenery we will get to see along the way.

While I gawk at everything and take photos going 90mph, if I"m not lulled to sleep by the long winding roads, my kids tend to get bored after awhile and I have to be constantly reminding them to look outside and find awesome cool things to point out.

I always have back up for the kids. I bring along lots of different books and snacks and fun ideas and games to play along the way when they aren't sleeping.

We aren't the family who will have a TV in the vehicle, so we improv I improve a lot with them or just tell them to go to sleep if they are excessively driving me crazy!

I will welcome a new idea or book for any of our trips. That's why I can't wait to use the new book called Arizona Way Out West & Wacky - Awesome activities, humorous history and fun facts.  Written by Conrad J. Storad & lynda Exley

Arizona Way Out West & Wacky, an Official Arizona Centennial project, is filled with true, but humorous, gross, interesting and wacky stories and facts. The engaging children's book makes learning about Arizona's history fun with 60+ amusing activities including word searches, crossword puzzles, coloring pages, games, recipes, crafts and more. AZ WOWW was specifically designed to make kids want to learn about Arizona's exciting history. 
Complementing the book is Johnny "JR" Ringo, a costume character representing Arizona's Official State Mammal, who can accompany AZ WOWW's authors. All six members of AZWOWW's creative team have won multiple awards for their crafts. 
We haven't started using this book as yet, but I've seen the inside and answered so many of the material in my mind. I didn't want to write in their (the kids) book :). I will have to get another one for the second child, so they don't go at each other about it the whole way into town.

The book is really interesting and I think waiting on the trip out west is taking quite awhile, so I might begin the book with them soon.

If you are ever going that way and really want something else to do with your kids in the long drive, definitely pick up this book. You will love it just as the kids and you'll give your vacation a dose of fun to make it more meaningful and memorable!

I wish we had this when we went to the Grand Canyon. I was also very new to the US, so this would have been a great addition to my trip.

Find out:

  • What Geronimo and yawning have in common. 
  • Why sleeping in wet sheets didn’t mean you had a nighttime accident. 
  • What a glass eye has to do with Phoenix being Arizona’s state capital.  
  • How many teachers it would take standing head-to-toe to go from the bottom to the top of the Grand Canyon.
  • Which Arizona city got its name by accident, and much, much more!

Meet the Authors:
Conrad Storad:
A multi award-winning author and Arizona’s most popular writer of science and nature books for young readers. He has more than 30 titles to his credit, as well as having a 25-year stint at Arizona State University, primarily as director of Arizona State University's Office of Research Publications.

Lynda Exley:
Also a multi award-winning writer and editor. She has more than 15 years of experience working for well-known parenting magazines and newspapers such as Arizona Parenting, Houston Parent, LA Parent and SanTan Sun News. She is co-founder of

Michael Hagelberg:
Multi award-winning illustrator and designer, Michael Hagelberg, an NAU graduate, was the creative director, designer and illustrator of ASU’s Research magazine. His designs have been recognized with awards from the University and College Designers Association, IABC, Council for Advancement, Support of Education and many others.

Linda Radke
Pulling it all together is Linda Radke of Five Star Publications, Inc. With 25 years of publishing experience and countless awards in publishing, marketing and writing arenas, Radke's ingenuity and experience give the book high marks in value and quality.

Jean Kilker:
The curriculum guide is by Jean Kilker, M.A. (English), M.Ed. (Technology), National Board Certification, who taught language arts, reading and science. She is currently, a Teacher-Librarian and former Follett Librarian of the Year.


Johnny "JR" Ringo:
JR, a ringtail cat, is Arizona’s State Mammal Mascot. He and his sister, Jayne, also a ringtail, visit schools with authors Storad and Exley to help them show students how much fun Arizona history is!

Although its target audience is grade-school children, Arizona Way Out West & Wacky Wacky is as appealing to adults as it is to kids.

Grab a copy and see for yourself.


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  1. LOL Looks like a great time and although I have never been out to Arizona I do hear there are so many wonderful things to do there.


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