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AVG Anti-Virus Uses Toothpicks Against a Tiger!

It's that time in technology. Everything goes fast or slow or dead, as in computers, so let's protect yours!

There's NOTHING worse than turning on your computer and realizing you have a terrible virus! Luckily, AVG Internet Security offers their excellent anti-virus software for completely free. The leading software company has filmed a wild new video to demonstrate their strong anti-virus skills. Filmed deep in the jungle in Thailand, the mini-documentary tracks two people who plan to stop a tiger with toothpicks.

Watch "Tiger vs. 3.5 Million Toothpicks" here:

It takes millions of toothpicks to keep a tiger at bay, just like it takes millions of users to link together, stop digital threats and create strength in numbers with AVG Anit-Virus. The software is available for free download at

Information shared with me form AVG to share with you readers. JamericanSpice disclosure.

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  1. avg failed to protect my computer from attack.I have fond that the Norton 360 does a fantanstic job.Yes I paid for the service.but I am much happier.

  2. I love AVG! I tried it a couple years ago and have never gone back to the ones I used to buy.


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