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Being Jailed Was Extreme But...

I always tell people NOT to eat while shopping. I don't like seeing anyone just walking around and taking things off the shelves and eating. Of course you have upstanding people who will pay for what they eat, but you can forget and easily dismiss trash in your cart as just that, trash. And some people simply think they'll fly under the radar and just don't pay for it.

I am against eating / tasting while shopping (unless it's like at SAM's Club or a store) that has specific kinds of samples being given out to the general public during their shopping. 

I admit that this arrest and how this family was treated is quite extreme. Especially having CPS take their daughter away.  The part about her child being taken away because of the situation really got the blood roaring in my head! I cannot even imagine how she controlled herself, watching her daughter being taken away. I swear I'd have fainted!

I have a feeling the police did ask if they wanted to press charges. They could have been made to pay and given a warning or ban or something. 

I can also understand that it's hard to take someone's word in a situation like this, but surely this could have been handled differently.  

You will not find me taking things off a shelf in a store and eating it before I get to the check out and I always try to feed my kids before we go to the store or bring snacks for them.  I will not allow them to play with items in my cart while shopping (because I might change my mind about getting something). So until I pay for it, it's not mine. And when I do bring snacks, I ensure I open it outside in front of the door  attendant before we go inside the store. 

I don't think this couple had mal-intent at all, but this is a lesson to everyone who just nonchalantly take stuff and eat while shopping.

I'm glad they dropped the charges, and I read the couple is thinking of pressing charges against Safeway, but I don't think that's necessary. Everyone just need to take responsibility for their part in what happened and move on. Be glad that Safeway dropped the charges. Shoplifting whether intentional or not is shoplifting and they have their store policies for things like that occurring. 

Pregnant mom says sandwich arrest was 'horrifying'

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  1. I have seen people do that, but like you said, it's not really theirs until they pay for it so I'm not sure why they think it's ok to eat it before the transaction takes place!

  2. My own moral compass tells me to pay first, then eat. It's rare that I even do that but occasionally when we've been out a while, I will go up front, pay for a case of water (getting a receipt and paid stickers) so we can drink them while we shop. I am not comfortable eating something that isn't mine. What if you forget? Realize you don't have your wallet? Or the credit card machine is down & you don't have enough cash?

    I don't judge other people, but it's just not something I'm comfy with. My Mom always did that (and still does) and I don't like it.

    That said, what the store did is COMPLETELY ridiculous!! We once left Target, put our bags in the car and realized that a toothbrush had fallen down in the cart (my son had been holding it) and we hadn't paid for it. So of course, we went back in and paid for it. What if they had tried to arrest us?! We did leave the store after all!!


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