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How To Insult A Blogger With Your Pitch And MORE!

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How about we start off with this article about How to Insult A Blogger with your Pitch from MomSpark.

I've received pitches that just got a 'seen' and 'dump', I don't care how hard up I am as a mom blogger, there are certain pitches that will not make it on my blog.

Do you draw the line somewhere or just grab anything all the time?

Something I've been thinking about forever!
Jennifer says it nicely. Hi, my name is WHAT?
It would be really hard for me to marry someone with a messed up last name. I compare my name with others all the time. Yes I'm fickle like that.
I'm glad my husband has a pretty cool/normal name.
Now I wonder how my kids are going to least the boy gets to keep his right off the bat, no discussions. The girl will have to negotiate. Oy. Always some fight women have to think about eh.

So what about you? Would you marry someone with a messed up name like say, undirabacker?

How would you like to wake up one day and lost all your blog traffic? Can you afford to, after working so hard to build up your blog? Let Type A Parent give you a heads up on this important issue.
Yes apparently Google is doing housecleaning and lots of things will be changing.
I received an Award from Judy.
I love it.
She blogs here. Go enjoy her!

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  1. Congrats on the Award! That's what you are, a Versatile Blogger and more. GFC thingy won't effect Bloggers, glad I stayed with Blogger and aren't you?

  2. I thought GFC was just coming off of non-Blogger hosted blogs? No? You should be ok!

    I definitely don't accept every pitch. I accept less than 5% of them actually!

  3. Thought I's just drop in... ;) About GFC being discontinued? That's going to happen as from March 1st 2012, for non-bloggers sites. BUT... when the popularity of Google+ increases eventually support for GCF will be discontinued for all blogs I think. Google+ has some advantages, like business pages, extended network and more. More interaction.

    So, I would warn [Already did that] followers / friends to - if they want - move to G+. This is not Google's view on things, but mine.


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