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Do You Go All Martha Stewart On Your Thanksgiving Table?

I've feasted around a few tables before and all I can really remember is that they had lots of food of all varieties on them! I don't remember flowers or table cloth or even chairs!  Just the food.

I guess as a woman, if I had a dining table, I'd surely dress it with a table cloth and a nice centerpiece, but I'd much more likely to keep it simple. Afterall, we do want to maximize the space for food right? :)

You can find some great ideas on inspirational Thanksgiving table settings if you want to do the 'Martha.'

For me, I'm loving these!

Inspirational Thanksgiving Table Settings
By the way. I would not be using white unless I have some protective covering. One word: KIDS!
Inspirational Thanksgiving Table Settings
I love that you can utilize the gorgeous fall colors for the Thanksgiving season! Go ahead and put a candle in a pumpkin and make it all pretty and stuff. And if you have some of them New Orleans Mardi Gras beads you could decorate the pumpkins even more too!

So do you go all Martha on your table settings?  Or do you just keep it simple?

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  1. Very pretty, Colette! I hope your Thanksgiving was very nice.


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