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From Thanksgiving To Broke Bawling

Most of us enjoyed a bounty of harvest during Thanksgiving. We shopped for most of the food made by our family, unlike days gone by when families had to work in the fields to see any sort of harvest.

Then welcome Black Friday where merchants do everything in their power to influence and brainwash you to give them your money. Some of us buy more than we ever will use or only use for a week and left to rot, collect dust until we unwillingly give it to goodwill or sell it on ebay.
I didn't stay up for black Friday, but I went out about 12pm to see if I'd find some deals. I went to JcPenny. I notice quite a few things I saw just two days before were marked up to higher prices and then made to look like they were actually doorbuster sales. I thought to myself: If only people realize the market con going on. Oy.
Not to mention that if you had your items in your hand during the sale and if the time for the sale ended, they change everything in the system and you have to pay original or higher price at check out.  Oh how happy they must be rolling in dough.

Let's keep going..
Tomorrow Saturday will be Shop Local Business Day. Um did you leave any money for more shopping? Is it your money? Or are you flashing the plastic and then cry bankruptcy later?
Wait, it's not over as yet.

Monday is Cyber Monday when your vulnerable mind will be tweaked again to unload more money....but you wont be paying in cash right? Of course you can use your bank account, but people rarely do this because of security reasons and overdraft fees etc. So once again, more credit. Not your money!
Oh and let's not forget Christmas food and gifts shopping!
On to New year's wonderful big bang party and well we simply must buy the bottle of Dom Perignon.
New Years Eve Party
Do you see how absolutely chaotic, and unmerciful this bombardment of waste and spending continues like a hamster wheel?

Are you caught up?

Do you sit back and think before being seduced?

Don't get washed down the river and end up crying on January billing cycle.

Take control of your money and do not let merchants seduce you to bankruptcy and poverty.

Make a budget and spend wisely.

Ciao my pretties.

About the author: Owner of JamericanSpice. Sharing my journey in the present, from the past or thoughts for my future. Mom of two who loves to travel and read and decipher people.
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  1. We walked into Walmart at 10:30 pm (the sale started half an hour earlier). There were lines snaked all around the store, in every single aisle. We walked around for a few, and left. People must have been in those lines for hours (some had their dinner and were eating, some had chairs, etc.), and like you said the deals weren't really that great!

    Deals are nice, but presents really, really aren't what it's all about.

    Happy holidays, everyone!

  2. I amazed what people will go through to save a buck - is there time so unvaluable?
    I am a fan of Small business Saturday - we're not going out for it, unless we go eat at a local restaurant, but I did buy several things off of Etsy this past week!

  3. love it! I was just talking to a friend about how Thanksgiving will no longer exist because of the sales getting earlier and earlier. It's no longer black friday because the sales start on thursday! And I agree about the markups! I saw them everywhere.

  4. I like that word you used..."decypher" people. That is a witty way of saying that you study people...Am I right? Anyways,
    We found your blog through the blog hop and We are sure glad we did, We love it! The "girly girls" are now following you! You can find us at
    and on facebook at

  5. Wow, guess no one gives a hoot if I'm back or not or everyone is out SHOPPING! I did the Black Friday last year & phooey on that! I'm going to try the Cyber Monday this year. This is one helleva post Girlfriend! Way ta go! hugs.

  6. I did my Black Friday on Saturday late evening. That was the best time. I was able to concentrate and not rushed.


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