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HotPants - Maximize Your Exercise Results

My HotPants is here and since I've pledged to do my daily workouts with Leslie each morning, to take off this baby gut that has been following me around for years, the timing is perfect.

Apparently this HotPants is taking the US by storm right about now! It's quite interesting to learn about why this pants is actually helpful and being used by so many people!

I'm skinny and I'd rather gain weight than lose it, but the baby pouch really needs to go, however, I'm exercising for health and not necessarily to lose weight.

I really was not sure what to expect, and when I saw my hotpants, I thought for sure they mistook the size! But it was the small that I had requested. It fits just a bit snug, which was very surprising, but not uncomfortable. The first time I put it on, I thought well I'm liking this because it makes me look like I have hips! :) Makes me think I would look alright in skinny jeans!
It's  a weird kinda like a swim vest thing...material, but softer and stretchy.

I wear them like I would a regular pair of shorts, during exercising in the morning and all day and sometimes just in the evenings before bed.

I think it's working , but I'm not sure. So far I've only worn the pants for one week and wished I had more time with it.
I'm not losing weight (which is a GREAT thing), and I haven't really noticed much difference with my baby pouch just yet. Or maybe I'm just too hard on myself.

It's designed to help with cellulite and losing weight around the buttocks, but the HotPants come all the way up under my ribs so that's why I'm hoping it will help my baby pouch. I love that even though it comes up over the stomach, it just fits nicely without cutting off circulation.
After wearing the HotPants for awhile, you'll also notice your skin feeling much smoother!

The HotPants are comfortable, but if I go to use the potty, then I don't want to pull them back up because I'm all sweaty and have to change undies.

A few things I didn't like were the smell of the pants when it first arrived, and that swish, swish noise it makes when I walk. And when it is really hot, the pants make you itch a bit.

The HotPants are to be hand washed. Lazy me, would rather just dropped them in the wash after using them for exercise. This explains why it's not to be put in a washer or dryer:
HOTPANTS™ are specially designed sports shorts that contain bio-ceramic technology, which emits far infrared rays and reflects back the heat naturally generated by the body to deliver warming up of tissue deep below the skin’s surface.
There is also a bright yellow logo on the pants. It would be nice if it was inside the pants instead of outside.

I'll keep wearing this HotPants to see how well it works and if it helps take off my pouch and stretchmarks, I'll shout it through the roof!
Let HOTPANTS™ be your secret weapon. HOTPANTS™ are super comfortable and can be worn indoors, or out, on their own or under clothes. Wear HOTPANTS™ when you are going about your day, when you are exercising or even doing the housework! 

Bio-ceramics emit far-infrared rays (heat waves) and reflect back the heat naturally generated by the body to promote deeper warming of tissue and breakdown of fat cells. This results in much higher levels of perspiration leading to “flushing out” of toxins and edemas that contribute to the appearance of cellulite. This enhanced body heating also promotes better circulation and lymphatic drainage, the core principle of non-surgical cellulite spa treatments (such as massages).
Hotpants were specially designed by Dessi Bell in London after finding that there wasn't anything in the market to really help her attack cellulite and look good naked before her wedding. Dessi decided to make her own. She researched materials and fabrics after realising that comfortable clothing that targeted the areas women care about such as buttocks, thighs and stomach, was the most important areas for women. However, after 12 months of development she found that during Hotpants trials women lost weight as well, an average of 2 jean sizes in 2 weeks in fact. No crazy diet, no nutty regime, just by wearing them 3 times a week for 30 minute gym sessions.
You will start to see results if worn consistently after 4-6 weeks.   
How long do they last? The CELU-LITE™ technology does not wear out, run out, wash out. Please follow the care instructions
Have you seen these pants? Are you wearing them? What do you think?

You can interact with HotPants on their websiteFacebook or Twitter (@gethotpants)

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  1. Okay, I would have to wear those the rest of my life to lose what I have. LOL And Girl, I haven't kicked my leg that high since I was a toddler for heavens sake & what baby gut are you talking about. I don't see a dam thing. You wanna see a baby gut come over here let me show you a real one. You see I had FIVE kids! Personally I don't think you ever get rid of all the excess skin only actresses do when they go in to get it removed. ewwwwwwwwwww Luv ya Girl!

  2. Hey Collete,

    Can we post some of your pictures on HotPants facebook Page?

    Thank you!

    Zaggora Girl

  3. Hi! Any updates on the results of the HotPants???


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