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How To Add Email Subscribe Box To Rafflecopter Giveaway Forms

I learn. I share.

Most of us use rafflecopter forms for our giveaways. The form has made things a lot easier for bloggers doing giveaways.

I've just found an even easier way for entrants to subscribe by email right in the form instead of having to visit a link away from the form.

It would look like this:

If you use Feedburner. You can add your email subscription box into the rafflecopter form.

1. Go to your feedburner account
2. Click Publicize
3. Click on Email Subscriptions
4. Copy the code for your box

5. Go to your rafflecopter account
6. Select any form (giveaway) you want to add the code to
7. Select 'Email Subscribe (or whatever you've named it) "change option'
8. Paste code in the box.
9. Save
Email box should show up immediately.

Sweet and easy!!

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  1. Well aren't you clever! I am not using Rafflecopter yet, but I will bookmark this for when I do!

  2. Thanks! This is so helpful!

  3. not working , instead of form only the code is appearing

  4. Thanks! For some reason I just couldn't figure it out!


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