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A Huge Pile Of ...

The leaves are falling like rain around here.  I've raked leaves in other seasons, but now I'm wondering if I should rake them or just leave them be.

Do you rake the leaves in your yard?
If you do rake? How do you dispose of the pile of leaves? Burn or bag and curbside pick up?
What foods are you craving or you loved making this week?
I am drooling after Delilah's Pumpkin Bread. Recipe here.

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  1. I dont rake leaves in my yard I have a huge tree that covers my driveway - or atleast most of it- so i can rake today and an hour from now you wont even be able to tell so i gave up on that...

    chantal @ this chattanooga mommy saves

  2. We are not allowed to burn so they are bagged and put to the curb.

  3. I dont rake leaves because we have a gardener.

  4. Use them in compost. I'm wanting turkey.

  5. We rake - and after we play in the piles'o'leaves, we'll put them in the compost pile. :)

    Thanksgiving is Right Around the Corner

  6. We have a gardner. He does all the raking of leaves. LOL

  7. Unfortunately, we don't have trees in or around us, so no raking for us :(

    Which is such a shame because I really do enjoy it!


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