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Learning The Language

Yes she is.

My daughter was all over me for her own bottle of lotion. I would have gotten her a pump bottle but this was a sample from a coupon so here she is with her own bottle.

I've been teaching her how important it is to moisturize. I wish I had someone to teach me at her age.

Now she loves me :) *kidding*

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  1. Looks as though she is enjoying the experience! I can't use moisturizers they make my face break out and make my body feel hot even makes my veins enlarge, so its essential oil or nothing, usually the latter.

  2. Aw- she's a little lady :)

    Have a great Wednesday!

  3. It puts the lotion on. lol Sorry I couldn't resist. Really bad joke.

    I've been having the same conversations with my oldest daughter. We've even had to have the deodorant conversation. "Girl, you DO NOT want to be ashy or smelling yourself." :-D

  4. So cute, and I love how she ended up sitting so ladylike!

  5. Great job mom:)

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  6. It's great to have someone to show you the 'ropes' of being a girl :) And she's quite lucky to have that teacher be you!


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