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The Mirror Is My Photographer

And it's not doing such a great job anyway.

Well I guess I should take responsibility for not taking better care of said mirror, so she will reward me as the fairest of them all.

See this photo? Yes that's me. I have to let the mirror be my photographer and sometimes I just get a bit excited if I think I look good one day and grab the camera without seeing what mood madam mirror is in.

See the spots on the photo/mirror?

I will have to utilize my timer more often or get a beauty shot from some professional, or clean the darn mirror!

Windex, where art thou?

Anyway, check out my feature at MomsTalkNetwork.  Not that you don't' already know everything about me :) um do you?

While you are there. Explore the Mom's Talk Network of Blogs!

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  1. Good for you! You are a beauty inside and out, no windex needed!

  2. There could be spots all over that mirror and you'd still be beautiful!

  3. thanks for the recommendation, going over there after this. I think you are right, the mirror is the best photographer, it captures everything...that is only what you want to see. haha.

  4. you are beautiful!
    i love the fact that you taught your son to ride the bike. you see, i can't do that, 'cause i can't ride the bike myself.
    this Christmas, my 5-year old will get a bike with training wheels. i hope he learns to bike with it.

  5. I agree with Blueviolet!!!


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