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Mommy Threw A Tantrum

Yes I did!

I threw a mommy tantrum and woe is me and then later after it all was done, I spoke to God about it. I told him, I knew I acted like a little kid but then that's why he was the big parent :)

I dropped my son off at school. All is well.

I drove home and as I was about to get out the car to run inside to do my 30mins exercise, so I could sweat, so I could take my shower (as I had planned last night), V says to me; "Mommy, D forgot his lunch."

I thought she was kidding. Our kids like to kid.  So I asked her again and looked around to confirm the lunch bag on the floor of the vehicle!!!!

I parked and then started my tantrum.

I had to go put clothes on.
Yes I still had pj bottoms on. You know when you drop your kid off at school. You don't have to get out the car and you hope no one sees you or you them. It's just drive up, drop off, go home.

My hair wasn't done.
There was still eggs in my teeth from breakfast!  And I did not have any bra on!

So I went in and changed my clothes, brush the hair, rinsed the mouth.

Got in the car and was appalled at my daughter's hair! lol
So I try to fix it and told her to get her summer hat.

Then I realize her dress is on inside out!!!!!!!!!! Ooh tantrum is getting bigger and it wasn't the choices I was making anymore. It was: 'Why did my son have to do this to me???' lol

I fixed the girl up a bit presentable and got in the car, pondering if I should really wear a bra or not. So what! They are perky and will jiggle. That's what boobs do!

Arrived at the school. The office staff told me oh, don't worry, I'll just call him from his class to come get it and I'm like huh? really??? Wow. Thank you!!

He came and I got to give him a hug again and offered a thicker jacket for the day because it was cold, to which he refused, but was happy that mommy brought his lunch!

Aah mommy-hood eh.

So on my way home, I spoke at God. I didn't wait for him to speak. I just apologized for my baby girl tantrum :)
Do you recognize your mommy tantrums?

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  1. Yep been there.
    I good thing is that you made it back, and spoke to God about it.


  2. ugg- I just spoke to God about the same thing this morning! Trying not to feel guilty about my own stressful morning tantrum.

  3. I kinda understand that tantrum. My son did that so many times, even into high school!

  4. Oh, my...I have definitely had my fair share of these moments! The joy of motherhood! :-)


  5. i think i just did that, a mommy tantrum, when one of my boys pooped in the tub, while they were bathing on it, which coincidentally i blogged about today!


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