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Say 'Shutterfly!' - It's Family Photo Days!

Best Tips For Family Photos

We have not done a family photo in a very long time and I have just written it on my to-do list for when the husband returns home!

I was hoping our family could do a family photo each year, but our budget have not allowed for many luxuries of that nature these past few years.  However it's been almost four years now and I really want our family growth documented into a memory. I've learned  few things that I'd love to share with you!

1. Dress in a similar

In our last family photo, I had the idea that we should all dress the same and went for red, but came to find out that you have to plan ahead a little to ensure everyone has the right clothes or at least the same shade of color!

I had seen this type of dressing in family photos before and wanted to incorporate it into our portrait. Next time I'll definitely plan ahead with the color coordination.

2.  Make use of natural light

Our first few portraits were done in a sterile studio and it was so boring and cramped. Next time we are definitely taking it outdoors where the natural lighting can be perfect and your have a much easier sense of relaxation. Especially seeing the children in a natural surroundings without trying to get them not to touch equipment in a studio.

Natural lighting can be gorgeous! The best times are in the mornings and late evenings just before the sun is setting.

3. Consider how placement will be in each or most of your shots

You can mix it up and have kids anywhere in the photo, as long as everyone is close together for a a few of the important shots.

4. Relax and let yourself laugh or smile genuinely.

When you have kids, it's so hard to get everyone looking and smiling in the same direction, so help the photographer to get your children to pay attention and also give him some tips on how to get your little darlings smiling.
While you are paying for the time, still try to relax and get your kid on, so the photographer can have hearty fun to capture and make your photos more real. Mix it up with fun faces and even serious shots. No one said, everyone had to show teeth all the time :)

5. Be careful of what's in the background

You don't want to have great photo shots with a dirty garbage can in the background. So if you are at the park or beach or anywhere outdoors enjoying that natural light, check to ensure that you have a delightful background also.
You certainly don't want to see someone else making out in your background either!

I have all my tips written down so we can go over them when we get ready to get photos done. I love having a great portrait shot for Christmas cards and even family themed photo books!

I love that Shutterfly is doing the Family Photo Days. Sometimes it's really hard to find a photo that is good enough to use as a personalized holiday card. I know I have this problem all the time! You should have seen our cards last year! Oy!
Many families are not happy with the photo they select for their holiday cards, and this is why Shutterfly is doing "Family Photo Days" throughout the month of November.
Their objective is to drive inspiration around taking and creating a family photo (early enough so you can have a great online holiday card), and raise awareness of Shutterfly as a provider of online holiday cards.

Some of the activities includes:
  • House parties (sponsor hosts to create their own Family Picture Day our of their homes)
  • (sponsor mother's groups around the country to congregate and take family photos for their holiday cards)
  • Contest/Promotion with a goal of driving excitement and awareness of Family Photo Day and Family Photo day events - 5 winners based on type of photo - best funny family photo, most unique family photo, etc. 
Have you done your cards yet? Or will you take this initiative and get started with your holiday cards and photos?
Shutterfly is a great place to begin sharing your memories!

I will receive a code for 50 free cards from Shutterfly, no other forms of payments. JamericanSpice disclosure.

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  1. Great tips! We are getting ready to do a family photo for our Christmas cards soon. I think we are just going to take a photo of the kids. But these tips will surely come in handy.

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    New follower from the blog hop please comes follow me back :)

  3. family pictures are the most stressful thing for me ever! I just can't ever get things the way I want them! However, this year our pictures turned out awesome!


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