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Saying No To Celebrities

I'm sure celebrities pick their entourage of people to care for them based on how far they are willing to go for them and also how loyal they will be in protecting their privacy.  However some people need to have a strong character that helps them to stand firm on how and when to be professional and when to play.

I wouldn't for a minute believe any celeb would put themselves on the line for me, therefore, whomever I would be working for, I'd ensure to protect myself by always being professional in my job and that includes knowing when to say no, even when it will be difficult and I might lose the fat paycheck.

Guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson in #ConradMurray trial.
I figured they would find him guilty. After all, they are leaned towards MJ as fans and also Conrad was negligent and I think he knows it. He surely didn't mean to kill the man, but his profession should have come first for the man's safety. If he knew the impact of that drug, why didn't he take the necessary precautions? It would appear as if it was a regular occurrence of him doping Jackson up until he feels better and then find something to help wake him to carry on. 

I hope this will teach other people who work for celebs that it's ok to say no and stay on point as you would with any other regular day to day client.

Read more on the story here if you want.

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  1. Hi Colette,
    The whole situation is really sad. I hope many will learn from this. Take care and have a good Tuesday.

  2. I was an engineer and we had to follow and know our code of ethics. I think this is where the problem is. He (all docs) have a code of ethics to know and follow and when you don't you lose you license. He knew better and should've said no. There are lots of drug addicts in the world, rich and poor. If a doc did this to a non-celeb, then they'd be in trouble too. I have no opinion on what kind of consequence is deserved though.

  3. My goodness, this is news to me. Thanks for sharing and you are wise as always.

  4. Yeah, I guess we can hope this sends a message loud and clear!


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