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When I Move You Move

Just like that.

I love to dance and always wanted to be this flexible.

Are you this flexible?

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 The good thing is that I'm exercising again. I hope to keep at it.

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  1. Hi Colette,
    Exercise is very important for good health. I certainly need to exercise more! All the best with your exercise programme.

  2. Hi! I used to do Modern and Ballet but could never do a split no matter how hard I practiced.
    I have gone to a few classes again recently and it is so rewarding (and humbling being next to all the college girls). Good luck and have fun!

  3. No, I wish. I was pretty flexible in my late teens early twenties when I did a lot of yoga but I don't think I could ever hold a pose like that.

  4. well, if you shot me and disconnected my

  5. That is amazing! I wish I had that body. She makes it look so effortless...

  6. Honestly, I used to be that flexible and I kind of still am-Maybe not to that extent, but it wouldn't take long to get back to it :)

    That's one thing I take great pride in is my flexibility!

    And good for you getting back to exercising!!


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