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Tips For Partnering With Mom Bloggers - Triberr And More

It seems google has done another Page rank update as I've now regained a page rank of 2. Before purchasing my domain name, I had a PR 3. Oh well, better than none right?

Did you get a PR boost?

Any of y'all still doing Triberr? Have you even heard of them?
Well apparently they are doing a crazy 390. Yes I said 390 about what they are about and hanging their customers out to dry.
Take a peek at this sassy piece to them from the Parent Place
Oh Triberr, You Sacless Whimps

I also want you to check out the Terrible Tips For Partnering with Mom Bloggers article by Dear Crissy. It is sad how most of the PR people see the blog community and it's worse how some bloggers will allow anything from these PR people, just to make a buck or get some exposure. Even in the blog community you have to stand for something.
mommy blogger

Are you up to speed with the new Google +? I say speed because gosh everything is moving at light speed in regards to technology.
Anyway if you have a page and is plussing me, just let me know and I'll be all over you.
Learn more about google plus and google pages here.

Any bloggy juice you want to share?

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  1. Yep, I'm big into no follow links these days! And I don't use Triberr. I've just never been a fan of that.


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