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I found a really cool find that I can't wait to try. I always hated having my apples change color! I guess I'll have to take the skins. (I don't eat skins on my apples because when I peel it, I find parts that I would NOT eat and cut it out) But great find.  Check it out.

Have you seen the new Stumbleupon?
If not go visit and play.

3.  Klout
yes it has changed and is changing.
Just found out I could add my own topic. Have you tried this as yet? I noticed quite a few more changes there too.

4. Stalking
Have you heard about the stalker that is stalking many other bloggers and companies? Last I read, the person Dawn Gordon was targeting @techydad, @angelforever, simply stacie and so many more. What the hell is wrong with people that they would choose to do something like this and then blame it on God?
*shakes head.

5. Blogger jobs
Are you looking for jobs as  a blogger? Check out BloggingPro list of jobs.

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  1. What I hate about Klout is that your score drops so much if you're not tweeting. So if you're on vacation, you lose influence? That makes no sense!


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