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An Artist At Any Age

I wonder who the big headed one is: She said dad. lol
At least it looks like I'm in a Kimono or I'm dancing.

The baby hanging on the wire is the one we used to babysit. My daughter loves her and thinks she is apart of our family :)

I just don't get the propeller ears :)

But I love her art.

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  1. lol aren't kids great. I love those doodle pads my daughter always draws on them Love the art work

  2. Your daughter's art is too cute :)!

  3. She's cute and already a great artist.

  4. So cute, and I'm glad you're not the bigheaded one!

  5. I bet the propellers are hands! Just guessing!

  6. REally cool drawing.. Everyone is so Tall..

  7. Lol, that's too cute the ears..and her ;). It's funny sometimes how they interpret what they see onto their little pictures. Very cute.

  8. So cute, but I think those might be hands rather than ears ;)


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