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Christmas Wish #1 - Snow


My son have been wanting to play in the snow since he was age three I think, and visited his grandfather and got to play in the snow.

So my Christmas wish #1:

I wish we could go somewhere with snow and stay for a few days so my children could enjoy it. I'm not a fan of cold, but anything for my babies.

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  1. I love the snow <3 I'm in Indiana and we get it often in the winter time. Hopefully your wish will come true :)

  2. I love snow, too. I like snow as it is falling, when it's fresh, white and pristine, not after it has been in the ground for awhile.

  3. I hate the cold but I love the snow. Too bad around here we get snow for about a day then it melts or turns to ice! :(

  4. Okay as soon as it snows y'all come here, and stay with me for the weekend & we'll build a snowman out in front, and we'll go tobogganing at the Park across the street. How's that? hahahaha Just call me CHRISTMAS DOLLY who takes after Santa! DOLLY CLAUS!!! BWah hahahahaha

  5. I only like snow to look at from behind a warm spot in the window. As a child I remember sledding though, and it was big fun.


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