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Christmas Wish #2

So it occurs to me that I would like to have an ipod dock. I have music on my ipod that is not on CD and would love to play it around the house when I'm doing something, like dishes, cleaning the bathroom, etc.

iHome iHM9BC Portable Stereo System for iPod, iPhone and MP3 Players
I want to carry the music with me without worrying that the ear buds are going to fall out and I wont be able to put them back in.
Worse if my ipod fell in sink or something more disturbing!

So yes, I am kinda wishing for an ipod dock.

I say kinda, because I'm still not certain I need one. I only get things I'm sure I really need.
Bear in mind I have no idea what a good dock would be, but it better make the music boom and not squeak.  And anything red or black is perfect for my mood.

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  1. I work for a lady who has an iCube or something that is a big box. It can even be loud enough outside! I just want cordless headphones ;)


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