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Gorton's Seafood Review

Seafood should be a very important part of our diet and according to, we are supposed to be eating seafood at least twice per week. Gorton's make it easy to add seafood to our diet.

I love to eat fish. I love it cooked, fried, steamed, all sort of ways done. I especially like when it's so well done that I can eat the bones. Usually this is when it's fried and you can have it with rice and gravy and salad, or with dumplings and Jamaican cooking. YUM.

With Gortons, you can bake or pan-fry and enjoy it with any side dish and salad.

Gorton's Seafood makes it easy for me to do quick snacks and lunches for my children. I sent my son to school with Gorton's fishsticks a few weeks ago. He loved it and it was different from the regular menu. I love finding new foods to add to his lunch menu.

Gorton's Seafood is very delicious and healthy and perfect for big or small meals for the whole family!

I can't wait to try their fish tacos!

If you want want a great recipe or just a change in menu, check out the Gorton's Galley for wonderful recipes.

I know my husband would love this:

About Gorton's Seafood:

From comfort food favorites to irresistible premium selections to tasty choices that will help make sticking to your diet easy, Gorton's offers a wide variety of delicious seafood options, all with 0 grams trans fat. Gorton's Seafood is the easy way to eat fish every week! Click the link below to view our whole product collection.
Learn more about Gorton's Seafood:

I hope you had a chance to enter the sweepstakes and giveaway!

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  1. You know I will be checking out these seafood meals. They are making me hungry.


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