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IMorse - Blog Sharing Made Easier With Google Plus

Google Plus - A new social platform and more time for bloggers to go crazy trying to figure out how to share on it and facebook, and fan page and twitter and...and..

Just use Imorse.
Post one place and it shares it on whatever platform you choose.

Saves my sanity.


Go get it!

Imorse -

The extension providing Google +, facebook is now two-way synchronization support text, photos, audio, and links to almost all of Google Plus can publish content, and the freedom to choose whether the contents of a single synchronization. On Twitter and Plurk synchronization feature has also been supported.

This expansion also supports sharing, Google Plus can be published publicly on the content sharing to Linkedin, Digg, Myspace, facebook, Twitter .. and other sites.

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  1. I'm already having trouble on Google + just trying to figure out if I've added someone to my circle. I've looked on their Q&A and can't find a real answer on how to add someone to my circle. I've got to figure it out since so many bloggers are making it mandatory!

  2. THANKYOU for this... I was wondering how to do it :)

  3. I might try it, but I heard it's a little bit wonky on Firefox which is what I use.

  4. Well another software. I will take a look, thanks for sharing.


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