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No Toilet Dunking In This House

I know parenting doesn't come with a manual, but as an adult there are just some things you are wise about or should get wise about. And one of the most important things you should remember as a parent, is that you were a child too. What did you do at a certain age? Why did you do it? What would you have wanted to happen or how would you have liked your parents to handle it? Remember and sometimes, you might just get why your child did that thing that is about to make you pop!

Anyway, about the toilet. I have a six year old and a four year old. They have yet to put anything in my toilet, except toilet paper.

I remember once, my daughter (around age 3 then) put too much toilet paper in the toilet, but I saw that immediately and was able to get my gloves on and get the problem taken care of before it was over my head.

Whenever my kids are in the bathroom, I'm always in the bathroom. If I leave for a second, you best know that I'm anxiously getting back or laying down the law of "Don't touch nothing. Not even your hands. Just look at them!"

They don't spend unnecessary times in the bathroom either. Even now that they are older, I still wont trust them not to drink the body wash, or drop something in the toilet, like say the toilet paper roll , or drink the mouth wash! They are kids. They have to be supervised.

I know when they go in to pee, poop, wash hands and even look in the mirror. I count the seconds and if it's just a minute too long, I'm in there while asking what are they doing!

Mantra: Use the potty, wipe, close the toilet, (flush if you count to 5), wash your hands, get out!

So why do I hear of so many parents having toilet problems, where their kids put all sorts of toys, keys, shoes and etc in their toilets?

Am I lucky? I don't get it. And even if it happened once, they best not be doing it again.

Maybe I'm just a M.O.M

What about you? Have your kids done the toilet dunk with things other than toilet paper or poop?

Speaking of kids in the toilet bathroom, isn't this a cool gadget for the kiddies! Anyway I'm not that modern. It's all done the old way until they don't fall in anymore :)

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  1. You're just a good Mom who watches over her children. When my children were young they didn't dunk anything in the toilet that I can remember but they were able to cause my anxiety level go skyhigh a few times. One night, my daughter walked into our bedroom in the middle of the night complaining of sore nose. When I turned the light on I couldn't help but notice that her left nostril was flared. Somehow she managed to shove a lego piece up her nose and couldn't get it out - neither could I for that matter. My husband and I had to take her to the hospital to have it removed. This happened in the middle of the night when she should have been asleep. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to protect our children, they find ways to get into mischief. After that incident, all the lego toys were donated to charity.

    As for the toddler potty - what a neat idea. I wasn't privy to those when my kids were growing up - they didn't exist. :))

    Great poat today!

  2. that chair/ladder idea is a great one! Too bad that it wasn't around when my son was little! He'll brain me for telling this, but I can remember a time when he went to the bathroom, and stuck a whole roll of TP in the toilet---causing it to overflow and then he slipped in the water. Not fun to clean up, but a little humorous years later (his fall wasn't funny, though!)!


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