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Operation Warm - A Coat For A Child

Lastnight it was mid 20s and freezing. We woke up with ice and white stuff on the ground. I prayed and thank God I was in a home with heat and blankets because I know that it could have been totally different.

And here are children needing warm coats. I heard on the radio, they said, bring new coats. The kids don't care if they are new or worn. Just give them a coat.

I remember when I was in the orphanage and needed clothing or food. I didn't care that it was old or used, I just wanted clothing.

So don't assume, they don't want your stuff. Just give. Please give.

Even though Operation warm wants new coats. I still want to share about what they are doing. It's great and if you have a local shelter, donate. Share just a little bit of your time in all the year.

Operation Warm provides new winter coats to children in need through strategic and community partnership, with a wide variety of donors and community organizations around the country. Our vision is that every child wearing a new winter coat will be healthy, will be able to attend school regularly and will develop a strong self-esteem. This winter we are working to reach our one-millionth child, making us one of the largest donors of new coats in the country.

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  1. Many of us have more than one coat sitting in our closets not being worn. We need to clean out those closets and share with children in need. What a wonderful organization.

  2. Excellent reminder post, and a great cause.

    I just sent a little prayer up too, thanking God that my kids are warm.


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