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Recipe For a Perfect Christmas

I loved watching this movie. I didn't have to worry about swearing and sexual scenes etc.

Very good family movie

It's funny how in the movie you can see how much they lack in communication and you are thinking. Come on just say it, talk. But how often do we do the very same thing in real life.

What don't you want to deal with during the holidays? Your boyfriend dumping you? Burning out at your job? Your mother showing up uninvited? Or all of the above? Did you answer "All of the above"? Sure you did.
Unfortunately, all these nightmares are raining on J.J. Jenner's holiday parade. But things may be looking up when this low-level magazine employee gets a shot at writing a prestigious food column. There's only one thing standing in the way: her wacky, scene-stealing mom, who's draining J.J.'s energy and patience. The solution? J.J. promises a hot new restaurant owner that she'll check out his bistro if he distracts Mommie Dearest by taking her out on a few dates. But her foolproof plan backfires in a way she never saw coming — you'll have to see for yourself! Break out the eggnog! This funny and romantic flick is just what you need to make your holiday perfectly delightful.

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  1. Talk about lack in communication. there is certainly some topics that I don't like to talk about with my mother, or my husband. LOL... but it doesn't mean things are in topsy-turvy. Maybe some stuffs are just not meant to be talked about!

  2. I love good clean movies. Thanks for the review.


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