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Sweet Sugar Cane

I used to eat sugar cane all the time when I was a little girl living in my country!  Gosh all that juice and chewing and just eat until yuh belly full!

While I'm not in my country anymore, I still live around sugar cane. Actually there is one right beside our fence, however I don't go over there.  I have no desire to, plus it's not mine to feast. And for some reason, they don't look as healthy.
Have you eaten Sugar Cane?
What kind of sugar do you purchase?

What's your foodie thing for this week?

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  1. I've never had the chance to try sugar cane, but I bet it would be fun. I prefer honey for most things.

  2. I haven't, but I've never had the opportunity. As for now, my family eats regular sugar, but I have to buy Splenda or similar b/c I can't have 'real' sugar. Sometimes I use a dab of honey or organic Agave nectar though.


  3. I haven't had sugar cane in years, but I have a friend who eats it often. We buy regular sugar.

    Merry Christmas and have a safe weekend!

  4. I have never had sugar cane but it sounds yummy!
    I just use regular sugar.

  5. No..have never had sugar cane. Just regular sugar but don't even use that in my coffee or tea.
    Happy Holidays!!

  6. I have had sugar cane - I don't remember how or why, but I remember I loved it. :)

    Hope you and yours have a Very Merry Christmas, Callie! ((HUGZ!!))

    The Night Before the Night Before Christmas

  7. Yes, I have had it before. I know it is used a lot during Passover because we can't have corn syrup and I have to say things taste SO much better with the real stuff.

  8. We used to use sugar cane and really liked it. I havn't had it in years.

  9. I'm sensitive to sugar.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. I can't remember if I have ever tried sugar cane... but I buy Organic sugar! I cannot stand the taste of fake sugar (it made me sick when I was preggers)!!

  11. sugar cane is a big part of our country. I still have it now in CA. It is yummy when fresh and sweet.
    I buy both white and brown sugar. And have splendid, sweet& low, but not to use for myself.

  12. I've never had real sugar cane but would love the opportunity!
    Merry Christmas!!

  13. I have chewed on sugar cane and do not have any sugar in my home. I believe and have much research to prove it, that once we have tampered with sugar it very unhealthy for us to eat.

  14. never ate sugar cane what does it taste like? I use pure cane sugar, powder sugar, brown sugar

  15. never ate sugar cane what does it taste like? I use pure cane sugar, powder sugar, brown sugar

  16. Never tried it. Normally just get granulated sugar.

  17. We actually handled sugarcane in Hawaii although I didn't try to eat it. Just something about chewing on a stick I guess LOL!!

    Happy Holdiays!


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