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1. Nekky from Reflections have made a great new site for African Bloggers.

It's a community/platform where African bloggers and also non-African bloggers who love to share African Heritage connect. As a blogger with African origin, I've always looked for a community like this but only succeeded in finding directories (not a real community where one can really communicate and interact).

If you want to make it as a blogger, you better start stealing from others. Yes he said it!
What do you think?

I received this lovely one from Lucy! Gracias beautiful woman.
Go visit her and show her some love! She is a wonderful blogger and I love how she keeps it real!

We are bloggers and we need to learn as we blog.
Here are 7 Blogging Traps To Avoid

5. This mom , Christine, and her family has had a terrible tragedy. Please visit and send your love and prayers.
I could only bawl while reading her story.
*Note she has taken down her story. Probably for legal reasons but please keep them in prayers *
A young mother and fellow blogger was out Christmas shopping with her baby boy on Friday. When she was walking down the sidewalk with her young son in his umbrella stroller a semi truck turned the corner and ran over the stroller. The baby was thrown out of the stroller and pinned under one of the wheels. It is still a mystery as to how he got thrown out of the stroller and he must have had a guardian angel with him because he is still alive today.
The baby will be hospitalized for a few months but I am sure that his family is thanking God for the wonderful doctors and the Christmas miracle that he is still alive. I can not imagine the horror that mother went through. Please keep her and her young baby in your prayers this Christmas.
Our Ordinary Life

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  1. I heard about a few of these stories. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. I read the last story this morning and was very saddened and will pray for that sweet baby. I will have to check the other links you posted.

  3. I think she took her story down, and I assume it's for legal reasons, so it'll be a loooong time until she talks of it again, I'm sure.

  4. The story was gone when I attempted to go to the site.
    And the Nekky guy, he must be crazy!

  5. Our Life Story had to remove her story, that is so sad and I hope it all works out for her child and family. Very interesting concept of stealing???
    Thanks for the kind remarks and sending people my way!

  6. WOW! My heart is in my throat!

  7. I saw your blog on Google + and I really enjoy Nekky's blog.

    I will definitely keep the family in my prayers, thank the Lord that baby is alive.

    Congrats on your award.

    Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!


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