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What Are We Going To Do Tonight Brain?

Enjoy learning!

I've found this great site for children ages 6 and up. However my four year old uses it and masters it! I am wondering how she is going to deal with Kindergarten. I have a feeling, she'll be bored just as my son was when he began. He had learned most of what was taught and spent his time helping other kids and being bored.

The site is called FunBrain -

If you have young children, you simply have to check it out! It offers such a wide range of programs and information that are really fun, while teaching your child!
It's as if this site has a right brain., left-brain divide. It offers clickable educational games with problem-solving and rudimentary graphics(Grammar Gorillas, for example, is more grammar than gorillas). In other games, math and literacy challenges hide out behind awesome animation and sound effects. The entire site is appealing!
I love the site and glad I found it.

What are some other kids site your children love?

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  1. I know that a lot of kids at my school use Spelling City to practice their spelling words.

  2. Cool, my grands LOVE anything on the computer, I'll be adding this to my favs! (we also love ) Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

  3. Oh wow, thanks for sharing! My son LOVES Zoodles and Starfall. They are both educational and entertaining. Win/win!!


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