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The Boy, Bubbles And Bathing

I've been teaching the six year old how to take his own bath. As I'm getting him scrubbed and soaped up, I tell him what I'm doing and how important it is to wash where, here and everywhere.  I don't think I'll have much problem with him taking a bath. He seems to love being in the shower and will spend hours in there if I let him!

He is learning.

He already knows how to turn the faucet on and get cold and hot mixed to warm.
We covered the basics of me not having to keep drying water up off my floor, so he knows once he is in, he is in, which means after putting clothes in hamper, he has to pee or poop before getting in the shower.
I had a bath mat in the tub and I'm wondering if I should put it back. It's just a pain to clean it and if it's not clean, I'll freak out. But his safety is best.

He knows to wash the most bacteria infested areas properly; underarms, bottom, inleg, between toes, and of course everywhere else! But his favorite thing is to play with his toys in the tub!

His arms are a little short to reach his back, but I told him, keep practicing, and I bought one of those back scrub thingies, but he said it feels harsh on his skin. I'll show him how to put the washcloth/rag over it and scrub.
It occurred to me a couple months ago that I need to teach him how to take his own  bath.

He is pretty good now. He loves when I let him rinse himself.  He is also learning to dry properly and slabbing on some lotion.

Seems it will take awhile before he gets that he should not lather in the lotion. I almost fainted when I went in and he was covered in lotion like it was soap! :) Ahh these are the memories right?

He already chooses his own clothes so he is doing good there.

Ahh my baby is growing up. I could cry.

Did you teach your kids the basics or did they just eventually get it.
Did your parents teach you?

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  1. I think I kinda chattered to them while they bathed once they started trying to do it by themselves. I just reminded them if they were missing a spot. I usually asked them to wash up first and then they were free to play for a while. :)

  2. I am teaching my 5-year-old to bathe himself too. I usually talk while I am bathing him, all the steps I dictate to him. I can only hope he is picking it up.

  3. It's funny that I just read this because my older daughter just surprised me by giving the youngest a bath. She said she's practicing for when she has her own kids in 20 years. LOL!

    An Island Life

  4. Most kids love to play in the bath tub. Some of my fondest memories as a child were spent in our old claw & ball white porclein tub, which was once a common style. Today, you have to pay big money to get one like that. Anyhow, yes I taught all of kids the ins & outs and dos & don'ts of proper bathing techniques. It warms the heart to see our kids learn even the basics of things and yet it makes you a wee bit sad because you realize they are getting more independent by the day.

  5. I don't remember my parents teaching me...but that was a LONG time ago..hahha! We taught our as they have gotten older...its a little harder to get them in the shower. An bath? Forget about it!

  6. Love this post! My sons loved their bath time but the girls absolutely hated the water.


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