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The Bride's Bouquet

I've been to at least five or less weddings.  There were so many rules. I don't remember enjoying myself at all. I didn't feel apart of it.

But I'd love to go to a wedding and dance and enjoy the cake and laughter and most of all....catch the bride's bouquet.

Have you caught a bouquet before?


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  1. I am a man, but I did. I had to pick my ex wedding bouquet. It's a kind of a tradition here in The Netherlands where I live.
    I guess I did not pick the right one, because we divorced in 2000. Heh ;)

  2. I have been to probably a dozen weddings but never caught a bouquet. Like you I found that there were so many rules and everything seemed so formal that I did not feel at ease.

    When my husband and I got married we keep everything very simple and informal. It was fun and the guests seem to have had a good time. We tried to make sure everyone was comfortable and relaxed.

  3. Yes once, but it's been so long ago I don't remember who's wedding it was. Haha

  4. No never, but that's because I never participate.

  5. Never have. I have only been to a couple weddings in my lifetime.

  6. Since catching the bouquet in the states is a "sport" for unmarried people, it's been a long time since I have been eligible. I have to be honest and don't think I ever really cared enough to try back when I was single and going to weddings. I do have my bouquet from my wedding 10 years ago.

  7. i did once, when i was really young... thought it was pointless to have kids out there trying to catch it :)

  8. here is my AF post:

  9. I've never caught a bouquet at a wedding. Haven't been to a wedding in years but we have one coming up this year (my husband's nephew).

  10. It was years ago since here in the states it is for the single lladies, but yes I did catch a bouquet.

  11. Gosh no. I haven't been to a wedding in ages.

    Have a great weekend!

  12. I've never caught a bouquet. Could be that I had never wanted to get married. How things change Lol!

    Happy Friday!

  13. I did catch a bouquet by accident once - I was trying to stay in the background but the person that almost caught it fumbled it and it landed in my hands. :)

    Procrastination Station and Un-Friending Mother Nature

  14. Hi Colette ~~ Thank you for peeking in on my post and answering my pie questions. Even if you don't like pie.

    No, I never did catch a bouquet. I'm a man.

    But I did buy two of them for my two daughters.

    It often happens that the one catching was 'sent' to stand with the bunch and then accidently catches the bouquet.

    When you catch it things similar to mumps happen, you get married NEXT.

  15. No I have never caught a bouquet, as a matter of fact, I leave the room when it's time. I am not into getting hitched to get commitment. I usually prayed to be single, but always end-up getting hitched. So other than the young years and two years of my adult life, I have never been single. :-)

  16. I can't remember ever catching the bouquet but at my wedding my mom caught mine :/

  17. No, I never caught the bouquet when I was young and unmarried. It was usually such a free for all that I stayed on the fringes and just watched the melee -- LOL

    Visiting from Aloha Friday

    Bonkers in Barnhart

  18. Not that I can remember. However, I did have one handed to me before. :-)

    An Island Life


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