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Google+ And Facebook Island Hop #7

It's a new year and so much to do and learn in the blog community. How about a hop with few rules. Just link up and follow. Leave a comment if you do so others can follow you back.

Looking for a hop that  doesn't have all the rules? You are in the right place.

Island Hop - Share Your Link - Reciprocate

My name is Colette and I'm hosting this hop and hope you will participate and share the news with your friends and blog buddies.
Blog hops are great when they are free and blog love is being reciprocated.

I'm an island girl and I go with the music, so while today might me a link for Facebook likes, next week it might be for twitter or blog comments or another hop. So read, visit others, leave your link, enjoy and make friends!

Theme: Google+ and Facebook follows
Grab the code if you want.
Don't forget to add your url to the linky belowClick Post title for linky to show up.

If you follow me, just leave a message so I can follow you back.

Grab the linky if you want

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  1. Hi Colette,
    All the very best for 2012! I am happy to participate in your Hop. I got my Google+ link wrong but can't delete it. I will now try and get the button on my Blog. Take care.

  2. So glad you could.
    This is a new linky I'm using and it didn't give me options to let users delete and such.

    I'll find you.

    Thanks all for linking up!

  3. The linky worked very well today!! Awesome job mama. :-) Happy weekend.

  4. Hello thanks for hosting hop. I'm glad to be part of it. Have a great day.


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