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Holiday Sleep

I love holiday sleep. I get to turn off my alarms (yes I have quite a few of them to wake me up. I can't make the boy late for school now can I?), and enjoy sleeping as long as I ...wait, that's me dreaming. I have kids!

But they do stay up late on the holidays too (because I'm a fun mom like that) and then get to sleep late. They like it, I love it. We are all happy.

For the past few days I've been sleeping IN. Way in! I don't always feel guilty.  But it's two days away from school and I need to get back into routine and discipline.

So today dinner will be on time and kids will be in bed by 8 and we'll nurse the holiday feeling back to every-day-regularness.

I don't foresee any problems with the kids, afterall, I'm the parent and I just don't put up with kiddiepoo. I sometimes get weary when I see parents behaving as if they are afraid of their children and afraid to make changes and etc.

I'm the mom.
Think Supernanny. Yes, I don't play.

I'm so glad I got to spend such a long time with the babies without all the schedules of being hither and thither, and I know I'll miss Dboy when he begins school again. Let's not even mention baby girl starting school this year. I'm already wanting to cry.

I will miss my alarm clock free sleeps, but weekends are worth waiting for too even though it's just two days.

Did you get good holiday sleep? 

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  1. And I'm sure it was rest much needed being the Head Woman of the house & from what I've read & pics of your family I've seen I'd say you're a mighty busy woman & your holiday rewt is well deserved. I would be most appreciative if you would advertise my Kickstarter on your google thingy. Sorry I'm still not that computer savy yet, but any advertise is always more than welcome. I'm beholding to ya & if you yourself need somethingn I can do between voting and/or comments & entering give-aways don't hesitate to ask me. Thank you again.

  2. Oh & thought I should mention Marie/Xmasdolly she's your friend too I've heard she also has thrown in a big hand of help she tweets for me every day & now & then I've seen it on her FB so with you two helping me what more can a man ask for. You're both terrific. God speed.

  3. I kinda changed my posting schedule to allow me to sleep in every morning. It was just kicking my butt to have to get up and post every day!

  4. I let my kids stay up late during the holiday also. I love getting to sleep in during that time because when its school it is back to business.

  5. Oh Yes, I also loved Christmas break for the same reasons. I love your attitude and parenting! Enjoy them while they are there, routines and all. Because they grow up way too fast!! I miss my 3 boys being young And at Home!! :-)

    Happy, Happy New Year my friend!!!

  6. yes! I know what you mean...and we all need a break from the crazy scheduling of life! i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can!

  7. Loved sleeping in over the holidays! Always a luxury. I found you via Fri. blog hop & now a new follower.
    Drop by anytime! I'd love to have you follow back when you can @
    Love your site! Have a great weekend & enjoy that extra sleep!

  8. Love this post. I am glad you got to spend some relaxed and fun time with the kids. I get to squeeze the grands in on my weekends and holidays. There is nothing like family time.

  9. I am a Holiday Sleeper too :). That sweet rest is the best of the year! I sometimes get a nap somewhat like it on the weekend but holiday rest is the best! I hope you and your family had a wonderful Holiday Season!


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