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I Couldn't Help Zooming In On Her Legs

It makes me want to know more about her scars.
I have some of the same scars on my legs from beatings from foster parents, falling down, trying to run away so I wouldn't get beating, running through bushes etc.

I've hidden my legs my whole life because I see them as ugly and I don't know how to deal with the pain of the memories.
I've grown to love pants and long dresses and long skirts.
I'm at that age where I should be proud to show them, but I still hide behind me.

She is beautiful. I love that she was not afraid to show her legs.

Maybe one day I wont be afraid to show my legs.

Viola Davis
Viola Davis.

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  1. xo Collette...I hope one day I hope you can too.

  2. She is beautiful and so are you. It makes me sick when I hear someone was mistreated as a child. We were, too. I don't have scars, but I got plenty of spankings, hair pullings, slaps and called everything in the book. My sister has a scar on her eyebrow because she chose to run from our mom. She always ran and got it worse than the rest of us. My mother caught her by the ankle and her head popped on the iron bed. I forgave my mom because she was under a lot of stress, but at the time, I didn't know what to think about it. You can have emotional scars too. I had no self-confidence and thought I was just about worthless, but baby look at me now. I did overcome it and so can everyone else. You just have to forgive and go on with your life.

  3. I do wish that kind of peace for you, C!

  4. I hope you can too! I am so sorry that people hurt you in so many ways. I am sorry to the child and to you as an adult on behalf of your abusers!

  5. I, too, hope one day you'll be able to face those demons and be proud of your lets because I have no doubt they are as beautiful as you are! :)


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