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Putting My House In Order

I didn't even know you could assemble your house like this, but then I guess I've seen enough homes on trailers to figure that some sort of assembling would have to go on.

Anyway I'm loving this idea of being able to order a home kit and go live in Hawaii if I wanted. Wait, they would ship to Hawaii right?

I love that the homes are energy efficient.
They also look very nice and apparently you can visit the studios and select the one you like best.

Keep in mind that these homes cost more to build than just the sticker price on the kit. Buyers might have to pony up for windows, cabinets, fixtures, contractors, subcontractors and other features and services, in addition to purchasing the land where the house is located. The total cost to build the house, minus cost of land is called the turnkey price

Yes. You can get a log home too.
It's like the dodge truck AD about bringing the home to the party or something or other.

You can read more about these interesting home plans here.
I like the idea and if it's successful, which it seems so far, then why not get your land, foundation and your kit.

What do you think?
Would a kit home interest you?

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  1. I almost think about it once in a while. It might be cheaper than remodeling.

  2. oh my goodness! this sounds unbelievable to me! i learn something new everyday!

  3. My husband and I looked into this a long time ago and I thought it would be great as a log home. The wall that joins the 2 halves of the house is quite thick. That's why we thought the log house would hide it better than any of the other styles.

  4. I didn't realize they had home kits. Those are pretty cool! And yes, come live in Hawaii near me! :-)

    An Island Life

  5. I've seen prefabricated homes going down the interstate before, but nothing quite as elaborate as these. I would be very sketipcal about owning one because I would feel it isn't as sturdy as a conventionally built home. I would entertain the notion, if I were in teh market of a new home, to look at the models. It never hurts to look, right?

  6. Your video isn't working for me nor is your rafflecopter - I get half way down and it won't enter anymore I've done everything trying each one to see if the enter button would work, and nope. Oh Lord this is just not my day!


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