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The Toilet Revolution

When I read the story about toilet paper going chic with designer covers, I laughed out loud. My first thought was, why would I want to cover my toilet paper?

<p>               This product image provided by Kimberly Clark Corp., shows Cottonelle toilet paper with roll covers. (AP Photo/Kimberly Clark Corp.)
I can understand if you are showing a house and want to do all the spruce up, but I'm so not picturing my four year old trying to get toilet paper out of some designer cover. Why make life harder? I like the idea of grab, unwrap, wipe, dump.

The only way I'm going to own one of those designer covers are from samples or if when I purchase my toilet paper, they have them handing out for free with each purchase.

Interesting marketing strategy though and I'm interested to see how far it goes. You never know how the masses will react.

Are you ready for the toilet revolution?

As for me and my house, we'll leave the TP hanging over.

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