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Whole Grain First Ingredient Review & #GIVEAWAY

If you know me, you'll remember that I only eat one cereal.  Basic from General Mills. I used to get it at Walmart and then they stopped carrying it. I was so sad.  I stopped eating cereal (Yes I did try others and never liked them until I found Basic) and kept searching other stores for my Basic. I finally found it at Target and there began my love affair with Target because it turned out they sold my chocolates too! And those chocolates are the only one I'll eat. So these days I go to Target for my fixes :)

Would you believe that General Mills sent me some cereal and I have some to share with you too, so don't worry, and NOT one of them is my BASIC!  Sigh. Anyways that wasn't the point of this right.
The point was about choosing healthy ingredients for your meals to help you have healthy bodies.

Whole grain is very good for you and trust me, even if it's not your taste, just give it a few tries and it will become your taste. Taste buds need training too. Habits don't break in one taste.

We know whole grain is important to you, and the Dietary Guidelines recommend choosing products with a whole grain listed as the first ingredient. Now every cereal with the white check has more whole grain than any other single ingredient with the same great taste. You will see “whole grain” as a part of the first ingredient on the ingredient list, indicating that whole grain is the first and most prevalent ingredient.

According to Dr. Travis Stork, emergency room physician and host of “The Doctors,” identifying whole grain products can be challenging. Shoppers can look for nutritional cues on the front of the box, but they need to read the ingredient list to know if they are getting enough whole grain. Ingredient lists detail ingredients in order of prevalence, and if the words “whole grain” are followed by a grain like wheat or oats, it means the food contains more whole grain than any other single ingredient. Here’s how to determine if your cereals have whole grain as a first ingredient:

With all the health messages facing grocery store shoppers, it can be confusing to translate what appears on food labels into nutritional needs, and hard to determine which foods have a meaningful amount of whole grain. Dr. Stork has some additional recommendations to help you include whole grain easily into your diet. They include:
  • Start Early! The Dietary Guidelines recommend people get at least 48 grams of whole grain in their daily diets. Get a jump-start on the day’s nutrition by incorporating whole grain into your morning routine. For instance, when choosing cereal make sure whole grain is listed as the first ingredient. One easy choice is cereal with the white check, which have more whole grain than any other single ingredient.

  • Make Simple Swaps. Choose whole grain versions of the foods you love. Great options include whole wheat pasta and whole wheat bread or even whole grain crackers. Also, try different types of whole grain. Use brown rice instead of white rice as a side dish at dinner or popcorn, which is a whole grain, for a snack.
  • Don’t Judge a Food by Its Cover. The front of food packages provide good nutritional cues, but don’t forget to read the ingredients and check the nutrition label and side labels for additional health information. Cereals with the white check even include the amount of whole grain per serving on packaging.
To help with choosing products with whole grain, General Mills developed “Fast Lane for Whole Grain,” an online educational game. Consumers can navigate virtual grocery store aisles and identify products that have whole grain as the first ingredient, with the option to enter a sweepstakes to win one of each of the 50 cereals with the white check

Make a commitment to add more whole grain to your diet by simply pouring a bowl of cereal with the white check including Cheerios®, Lucky Charms®, Cinnamon Toast Crunch®, Honey Nut Cheerios® and Total®.   For more information on the importance of whole grain and a chance to enter the “Fast Lane for Whole Grain” sweepstakes, visit You can also enter their sweepstakes while you are there.

Now since you just had all that information. Let's make you a winner!

5 boxes of General Mills cereal with the white check

Enter below in rafflecopter form

Disclosure: The prize pack, information, and giveaway have been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark.

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