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And The Parenting Controversy Continues

All I have to say is, I don't have teenagers as yet, but when I do, I'm sure they will by then know that I will not sit for stupid crap like this.

A teen doesn't need to be petted. They need strong parents. And when we let it all slide little by little then we look out and wonder what happened. Parent your kid. Whatever it takes.

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  1. I saw that yesterday on FB. He is trying to instill some respect and a work ethic in his daughter.

  2. It is a shame how kids today live in the "entitled era". My teens know all too well than to ever try some foolishness like this!

  3. Oh wow...You really don't see many parents like this anymore. I can't say what I think he did was the right thing-I think he could have easily sold the laptop and still instilled a lesson in his daughter-but I think his no s$%# attitude is what is needed in a situation like that!


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