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Challenge Yourself and Cry When You Feel Like It

Our children deserve better. We can't just let them do what they want because we can't bother as parents. We have to push and challenge ourselves to get in there and correct the behavior, teach, listen, love, wait, give consistency.

We have to be the teachers best back up. Let the teacher be able to teach. Let your child understand their challenge and responsibility to learn and excel.

Don't leave it to the teacher. Can you imagine what it's like for a teacher to have 20 something kids in one class all day???????? or however the cycles run.  Help your child and you'll be helping society on a whole.

Parenting is easy and tough as hell. Get it done! Cry when you need to. Shoot get upset if you can't help it, but always learn, apologize and forgive and move on.

Parenting is responsibility.

Make a plan and parent responsibly.

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  1. I got the same comic strip and it is a sad testament to how much the pendulum has swung. We can't keep good teachers for long. The leave the profession earlier and earlier. Used to be seven years, now 3 to 5 years and most teachers are quoting, parents as their number one problem, not students. There is a difference between having your child's back and teaching them to deal with failure. The problem is, most parents can't believe their child could possibly fail or struggle at anything, I mean either their child is 'gifted' or the excuse is they are ADHD or ADD, meaning, not their fault.
    Oh, I am so sorry for rattling and I could go on. This touches my heart as a former teacher and a loving mother. I am glad my kids are grown!!


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