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The Eggs Debate - Aloha

A few days ago, I learned that you can actually purchased boiled eggs. I was shocked. I thought eggs were bough fresh and then cooked. Even at the restaurants I thought it was done this way.

Eggs are delicate things to me. I have to cook it for myself. I wont even order an egg salad!

1. Do you purchase your own eggs fresh in their shells?
2. Do you purchase eggs already cooked?  (I' not referring to Ihop or getting eggs at a restaurant)

A Minnesota company is recalling cooked eggs distributed in 34 states because of possible listeria contamination.

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  1. I buy them in a little box containing 6 or 12 fresh ones. Cook them myself. They need to be absolutely fresh though.I would not have them in any way.
    Eggs can be contaminated easily, salmonella for instance. I don't need that!

  2. I buy eggs, but I only use them in cooking. I don't like to eat them much.

  3. I just buy the ones on the shelf at the grocery store. So, not cooked. :)

  4. Haha, we did have this conversation a few days ago! So you know where I stand...NEVER would I buy already boiled eggs...aaaaack! I buy them fresh and if I ever do eat the hard boiled, I do it myself :)

  5. My mum helps to buy the eggs for me as she can get them cheaper by the tray 30 eggs for about $5.40.
    My kids like half boil eggs so I cook them myself.

  6. I buy eggs in the shells. I love egg salad sandwiches and have thta for lunch a lot.

  7. I purchase fresh eggs and cook them myself.

  8. I buy them fresh and uncooked - I'd much rather cook them myself. :)

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  9. I am a breakfast person. Love eggs, but I didn't know they sold them cooked in stores either, but no I wouldn't buy them either. Have a great weekend.

  10. Wow, I had no clue? I buy fresh!!

  11. I usually buy them fresh (love brown eggs) but have bought them already cooked once or twice for an egg hunt. They have expiration dates on them like any other food.
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  12. I'm pretty picky about my cooked eggs as well. I like them scrambled and a bit runny. I cannot stand the smell of burnt or over-cooked eggs!

    Have a great weekend!

  13. I kid you not, our eggs come straight from the chicken's butt-Now THAT'S fresh!! Lol

    Happy Friday! :)

  14. I never buy powder eggs. I think they taste bland and weird. I always purchase eggs with shells.

  15. I buy fresh eggs. I didn't know you can buy them cooked either.

  16. I love eggs, but cook them myself. They are the one perfect protein. I wrote a lengthy article on the benefits of eggs.

    My friend had chickens and I would get them fresh from her, but some wild animal killed them so now I must buy them at a store.

  17. BTW, thank you for the thoughtful answer. You are a wise mother.


  18. I never knew you could buy them already boiled! I don't think I'd buy them already cooked if they were available here.

    An Island Life

  19. I am a picky eater so I only buy fresh. There are some local farms and I buy those eggs. I couldn't buy a boiled egg. If I could, I'd bake and cook everything myself but that's impossible. Fun topic :)

  20. Hi J.S. from LA ~~ Good questions today (well, Thursday but today for me). I am sorry to be so late, I will try better next time. Thank you for looking in at my old typewriter.

    I have never bought eggs other than in their shells. But I have heard of powdered eggs though not ready hard boiled.

    Aren't the ready boiled eggs for salad making? Restaurants for sure buy them this way. Peeling eggs is labor intensive.


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