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EZ Sox 40% Off Coupon

A new toddler product, EZ Sox ( created by a husband and wife team, easy to put on socks that help small children earn independence, complete with loops at the top help to pull up socks and animal designs help kids to know the top and bottom of socks is out on the market and offering killer discounts via secretive coupon codes for online orders.

Just in time for February temperature drops and a need to keep kids wearing their socks inside!  

2 pairs for $9.99 Sold nationwide & online – see site for store locations.

As soon as like EZ Sox on facebook, the coupon code is given. Visit and click on the facebook link.

There are over 15 designs to choose from - frog, bunny, cat, dog, monkey, penguin, piglet, duck, teddy bear, seal, butterfly, ladybug, lion, elephant, t-rex and solid colors as well. Regularly $9.99 for a two pack.

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