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High School Jobs - AF

Many of us had to or wanted to work during high school.

1. What kind of jobs did you have when you were a kid/teen?
2. How did you handle your money? Bank it, spend it or give it to mom and dad?


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  1. In high school, I pretty much babysat all of the time. I had a babysitting job that I would do after school all most everyday and, of course, there were some nights and weekends. I spent some of my money but banked most of it.

  2. I didn't have any jobs when I was in high school. I did babysit for 2 neighbors when I was in jr. high though.

  3. I had my first job when I was 14 years old. I used to clean classrooms at my high school for $2.10/hour. My parents let me keep the money. :-)

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  4. I babysat all through high school. My parents allowed me to keep the money I earned and I usually used it to buy school clothes.

  5. I babysat on a regular basis for the neighbor's 4 kids (plus kids of my parents friends) when I was 12. My parents let me keep the money. :)

    What's Your Poison?

  6. I worked a a Nurse's aide from HS thru college. And a free lance model from 15-22yrs old. I was quite aware of my finances even at that age. Some went to my mom (since my Dad passed when I was 16), some went into savings and some was fun money.

  7. I had a job in high school before my official job...I worked in a restaurant - bad experience.
    I didn't know how to save money, I would spend all my paychecks. Until I was around 19- I think.
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  9. I started babysitting when I was 10 and made really good money... I gave it to my parents to save for me and I think they still owe me several hundred dollars from that!! LOL

  10. I workedin a nursing home and I put my money in the bank

  11. I helped in the fields cutting weeds and occasionally I helped mow or haul grain using the tractor. The pay wasn't very much if any.
    I saved my money and bought my own radio.
    My last two years in high school I detasseled hybrid seed corn in the summers. That paid good. Again I saved the money except for buying some Zane Grey magazines and the like.

  12. I babysat and I had a job at the mall. I saved everything.

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  14. I did deliver papers for other guys who had routes and I filled in when they went on vacation. rest of the time I was a Caddy at a very old money country club. Would you believe I used to caddy for the wife of the guy who owned the Caddie Dealership and the wife of the guy who owned the Lincoln dealership. They played together every Tuesday. I hitch hiked to the club in the morning but they bought me lunch and drove me the 18 miles back to my house. Have a nice weekend & thanks for stopping by.

  15. I had dropped out of high school during the boycotts on our high school. I was too afraid to go back so my dad gave me a choice night school or beauty school. I chose beauty school, which you did work in the salon also, but I also was selling magazines too at he time. Half way through school I became a waitress to help pay for my schooling. I didn't have to it was my decision & yes I did graduate. Have a good weekend my friend.

  16. I pumped gasoline at the local Fina during the ages of 16 to 18 and kept the money. I spent some and saved some :)

    Happy Friday!

  17. During my school days I had several jobs like picking strawberries, delivering newspapers and working with my dad to earn money. I was saving to buy a moped.My parents decided it was ok for me to buy one, as long as I earned the money myself... ;)


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