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I Love Shoes!

Ready for the Spring fashion?
I totally would rock these just because they are so cute, but I have kids and I must be able to chase after them in a jiff, if something should happen!

Would you wear?

Burberry Prorsum Beaded Leather Sandals
Burberry Prorsum Beaded Leather Sandals, $795,

Charlotte Olympia 106mm Straw & Silk Wedges
Charlotte Olympia 106mm Straw & Silk Wedges, $1,559,

Chrissie Morris Roisin Red/Black Stingray
Chrissie Morris Roisin Red/Black Stingray, $1,095,

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  1. The wedges are adorable! yes! I would wear all three! Obviously not at the same time.

  2. I love shoes but I confess to being more classic or traditional, wedges have never floated my boat, I have a pair and I have a ton of trouble walking in them, yet I can easily handle a 5 or 6 inch heel, go figure?
    Oh, and those shoes just didn't do anything for me but make no mistake if I liked them, I would wear them, out and about, just not with the kids LOL

  3. My poor back wouldn't let me walk in these shoes.
    Happy Hump Day!

  4. Those are some hawt heels! Love them!

  5. So cute, but definitely not me!


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