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Of Course I Have An Opinion!

For some reason I sat there and watched the superbowl.  I don't know why, maybe it's that it was the superbowl and maybe it was the hype, or maybe I wanted to be able to nod yes to dh that I did watch the show.

I was actually blogging, playing word with friends, checking email etc and surprisingly I didn't feel much need to lift my head and glance at the tv but once in awhile.

The game was lackluster.  It was like it was just another football game that I'd rather do laundry than sit long enough to see.

There was no oomph...maybe for others, but for me, no oomph.

In the 3rd quarter I got just a tad interested because this is usually where I begin rooting for the underdog.

I found it interesting that the Giants won.  I thought they were the underdog. I didn't hear much about that team leading up to the superbowl. It was all about the Patriots.

And not only that they won, but they did play hard for their win.

The half time show I thought was okay. I kept waiting for something to happen, something to WOW me, but it didn't happen. It was just okay.
Of course Madonna did very well.
I do have to admit that I wondered if she was lip-synching, but if not, then her voice remains great.

I've heard singers re-do their songs live and had trouble with their own songs, so that was very good that she held her notes.

The commercials were blah.

The only two I can remember is the M & Ms one because we are still laughing about it and the car and cheetah one.
Seriously if anything else was on tv, I would have switched.

Maybe if I had a houseful of guests and food, it would have turned out more interesting?

What are your thoughts? Did you watch?

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  1. HI! I loved the commercials! I didn't watch the game either. I was at work, but I did catch the halftime show and LOVED it!

  2. i thought all of the commercials were HORRIBLE this year...
    the one year i actually was able to pay attention. ha ha
    and nope, i did not watch halftime at all


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