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Soft & Precious

Baby girl has a lot of hair. I have to manage this hair. She cries and cries until I'm frayed. Sometimes she doesn't cry too much.

Sometimes I think they will call the cops thinking she is being hurt. *Faint*

Anyway, I finally found this product that I used on her hair as a baby and I could kiss the person who made it. It's the BESTEST detangler EVER! I almost couldn't believe it. I took quite awhile to give myself a sigh of relief.  I can only imagine her relief!

Now here is my problem. I'm trying to find more of it and is having the hardest time and I just want to cry. How can they not make this everywhere?

This is the best for baby girl's hair right now for detangler, unless someone knows of another great one to share with me?

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  1. I have a bottle of this sitting on my dresser. I love it. It untangles hair and does not leave it stiff and hard.

    I managed at both Dollar General and Family Dollar, which sold it. Family Dollar stopped carrying it just before I left to work at Dollar General, but I could get it there.

  2. let me know if you need me to look around here for you...


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