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Storee Wryter Gets A Dog

I'm a dog person, but I've decided I want to have a kitty. They are low maintenance and I think I have mice and I need their detective detail present.

I'm reading this new book called Storee Wryter Gets A Dog and I love all the information provided about how important it is to ensure you don't take the decision lightly, when you are going to choose a pet for your family. I was shocked a little by the cost of it all and I'm sure that was just a topper of all the other costs that would surface after getting that pet dog.

I already knew about therapy dogs but it was great reading about how children could sit and read to a dog.  The dog is trained to sit and listen and this helps build confidence within the child. The dog wont laugh, or criticize or get restless.

I also love how Storee loves to write and think of everything as an adventure and something that could be made into a story or a book. If you love to write, this is a good read for you.

My six and four year old enjoyed the book and had no trouble keeping up with the story.

Very good book for kids learning to read or in the I-Can-Read bracket. Also good to teach kids about how important it is to be responsible when asking for a pet.

The Book;
Do you like to write? Are you always scribbling away in a journal diary? Are you looking for inspiration for your next big story? If so, Storee Wryter Gets a Dog by Barbara Simpson Carducci is just for you! Storee Wryter is a young girl who loves to read and loves to write. Just like you, she hopes to see her stories get published someday. Storee's ideas for her writing often come from her many adventures.  And when her friend, Kyria, talks her into getting a new puppy, Storee gets some great ideas for her next book while she and her cat, Critique, have fun watching her puppy learn to become a trained therapy dog.
Barbara Simpson Carducci started writing when she was eight years old, filling notebooks with ideas and characters waiting to come to life. Today she lives in Round Hill, Virginia, with her husband, Michael. She is an award-winning short story writer, a feature columnist, and the director of the Young Voices Foundation, an educational nonprofit organization established to mentor young writers.

Kyria and Addie are real They help kids and old people, soldiers, people with handicaps and they do home visits with sick people of all ages. Kyria was awarded the IKEA Life Improvement Sabbatical Contest, awarding her $100,000 so she can continue to do good work. To learn more about the award and the work she's doing click on this link:  The IKEA Life Improvement Project .

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