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What Is Your Platform? - Aloha

1. Are you on Wordpress or Blogger? or other?
2. Which platform do you prefer?


And a little about me :)
1. What have you done recently that you are proud of?

I decided, felt it was time to forgive my in-laws. I was very angry at what happened, but for me, it's ok and I can let go. Doesn't mean I will forget. But I don't want them to think that I hate them or anything like that.

2. What is your favorite way to work out? Or if you don't workout, what are you wanting to try?

I watch the tv and follow along in my living room. Is that how you mean? :)

3. If you knew you best friend was cheating on spouse would you tell?

I would speak to her about it and let her know I'm very uncomfortable with it. I am not sure if I'd tell. It depends on the relationship I have with her spouse, if he was a friend or a relative, or if he was a honest person or if he was just *#$"*#$#@

4. If you could afford a live-in maid or nanny, would you have one?

No...maybe if we both were working and I couldn't manage.

5. Do you stress out about birthdays (specifically the age) or do you enjoy them?

I sometimes don't even remember mine until others do. I need to learn how to celebrate myself as an individual.

And, a bonus question from Scott, that I wasn't brave enough to put in as a regular question...answer at your own risk, or not at all! (Or something...)  Bonus: Lights off or on?



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  1. I mainly stay on blogger,I will admitt to having a some wordpress blogs as well.word press seems a little more restrictive than blogger.I cannot have my entrecard widget on wordpress but i can on blogger.the other questions i am going to pass on.

  2. I use blogger...only other thing I've tried is Drupal (prefer blogger...much easier to use, though I know you can do more with Drupal if you want to).

  3. I have blogger, and wordpress self hosted blog but I still feel that wordpress is better and easier to use them blogger. Are you contemplating a shift?

  4. I'm a blogger gals as I've only ever had ONE problem in the 4½ years I've been with them!!!

  5. I'm on Typepad :)

    Lights on or off, doesn't matter to me. ;D

  6. I use Blogger. I tried using WordPress for a while, but found I was more comfortable with what I could do with blogger.

  7. I just recently moved to WordPress due to all the problems with blogger. WP is a lot different but I am slowly getting used to it.

  8. We are using WordPress. Started off with, but I prefer self hosted WordPress.

  9. I started off on Blogger, but there were so many issues and restrictive stuff (that I think they've changed since) but I moved over to Wordpress (self-hosted) and love it. :)

    Falling Asleep

  10. I use Blogger and it's fine for my needs. I've only had a little bit of experience with Wordpress so I don't know a lot about it.

    I hate any form of working out, LOL! But, if I had to pick I would just prefer to walk/jog outside or on treadmill.

    I don't know if I would have the courage to tell my friend's spouse or not...good question.

    Live-in maid, please!

    I don't enjoy my birthdays. I stress about getting older and I don't like being the center of attention.

    Lights off!

  11. I am a Goggle Blogger girl. I have tried Word and just found it to hard to work. Maybe I should give it a new try.

  12. I have never used blogger. Moved to Word Press self hosted years ago. It may seem complicated at times, but I love all of the flexibility that I have and so does my webmaster husband.

  13. I'm a blogger kinda gal, but I've been really considering moving over to Wordpress because of the great reviews!

    Happy Friday :)

  14. Blogger :-)

  15. Hi Jameri (I like that name, I love to find 'hidden' names :) ~~

    1. I do blogger because it is easier. But since I am about out of free picture space, running 93%. Our daughter, Karen's Blog, Karen on the Run, uses Wordpress and likes it.

    When I run out of picture room I will migrate to Wordpress or open a new account and new blog with Blogger.

    2. I use MicroSoft Explorer and Windows 7. They treat me fairly well.

    Bonus: Some on, some off. Mostly off. (We use Entergy as you might.)

    I am glad that you have made up with the in-laws. My ex never really did and that was thrown in my face at our divorce time. Perhaps I should have interceded earlier.

    Thanks for peeking in. BTW, I like your 'Louisiana Blogger' added to your title. Mrs. Jim is from Alexandria.

  16. I use both. Each has their pluses and minuses.

    Have a great Friday!

  17. I'm on WordPress, and I like some things about it, but I like that the technical aspect of Blogger is sooooo easy and worry-free.

    I like working out with aerobic videos. Ok, I hate it, but that's what I do.

  18. I started out on Blogger and loved it for its ease WHEN IT WORKED but when there were problems - which increased over time - found it very frustrating that I could NEVER get help from Blogger! I also had increasing problems with my site running extremely slow and was concerned about the reports I heard about people having their sites shut down for no good reason.

    So - I moved to a self-hosted WordPress site. Although it did take some getting used to (some things are just different from Blogger, some things are a little more complex) - overall there is NO comparison in terms of power, control and flexibility!

    I use a theme, Catalyst, that gives me full control over EVERY aspect of my blog! I can enhance any features I want with plug-ins. There is always help available. People now comment on how FAST my site runs! I consistently rank on the front page of topics I post on. And - to be honest - I have more power at my hands then I know what to do with most days!

    If you want ease of Blogging - stay with Blogger. If you are willing to do a little extra work to reap rewards - move to WordPress. At the end of the day, it depends on your needs - but if you're ready to grow, give (self-hosted) a try!


  19. As you probably know I'm still new at this stuff - so I believe I'm on blogger & blogger is where I'll stay because if I were to move I'm sure it would like starting all over again. NO THANKS. I'm fine right where I am. Thanks. Happy Weekend.

  20. Wordpress self hosted. Happy Aloha Friday!

  21. I think it's great that you can forgive your in-laws. You're a much bigger person than I am. I haven't spoken to my MIL in almost 2 years.

  22. I am on Blogger. I am content right now and not ready to put more time into my blogs.
    I would love to know if there is really more power in WP, as I find I can do most things that I want to on Blogger, I just need the imagination and the time. :-)

  23. I use blogger, I think if I was more computer literate, I would switch but I like to keep it simple.

    Happy Weekend!


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