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The Forgotten

They made this movie a bit scary and it is but it's not really, but it is.

The truth is, a mother's bond cannot be broken from a child. And I'm sure you've seen or heard of callous parents who turn away from their children. They can do so physically but inside their minds, there is nothing they can do to erase the bond that they have with their children.

It's an interesting movie.

Also begs the question how in real life it seems and is portrayed that there are certain government agencies that have too much power.

Have you seen it?

Thought: If you are puny like me and can't kick major butt, they you need a gun or a taser or something to help with your girly fight with big government trained men.

The movie revolves around a woman who thinks that she lost her son in a plane crash 14 months ago, only to wake up one morning and be told that she never had a son. All of her memories are intact but with no physical evidence that contradicts the claims of her husband and psychiatrist, she sets out in search for solid evidence of her son's existence.

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  1. I actually think I've seen this awhile ago on tv somewhere, but I can't remember the whole movie.

    Maybe I'll give it another watch again to refresh my memory!

  2. Looks like a pretty good movie..
    might have to try something else and give the series 24 a break..

    Stopping by from Pitch it to me.

  3. I saw it, I can't remember beyond something about her kids though...I can recall it wasn't fabulous, but average to above average.


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