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The Lives of Others

It's always hard to watch these movies but this was a great film and should be watched twice to get the story in all it's movements.

I cried twice. When she was raped....well that is what you would call it. There is no other name for it. And when Weisler found the book and saw his name..his initials and said: It's for me. No need to wrap it.

You should listen to the commentary also. It's mostly apart of history.

When a successful playwright and his actress companion become subjects of the Stasi's secret surveillance program in 1980s East Berlin, their friends, family -- and even those doing the watching -- find their lives forever changed.

Just imagine that people allow a group of people to take over a country like that.  Just sit back and let government...and that's what happens.

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  1. i seriously can't watch these kinds of movies. too close to real life you know? scary. thanks for that you added the trailor.

  2. p.s. love that the quote on your blog is from someone who's first name is my last name! caught me right away, but then i read your posts and watched the trailer and forgot. lol.

  3. It might be a little heartwrenching, but it does sound like it's worth watching!

  4. Yes it's definitely worth watching! I cried.

  5. Thank you Vanita. And yes I understand about the movies


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