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The Egg and the Cross

It is good to be reminded of the hope of Jesus's death and resurrection and it's purpose. I'm glad for that hope for me or life would be pointless.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.

Our celebrations continue tomorrow Monday since the boy does not have school.

My son doesn't like jelly beans. I don't think I do either, but at least it was fun using them to remind us of  Christ's love.

Black - represents my sinful heart keeping me from you above.
Red - represents the blood you shed to provide salvation free
White - shows the cleansing of my sin as I put my faith in thee
Yellow - is for heaven above, my new home I"ll have someday
Green - is for the growth I will see as I read your word and pray
Purple - shows you are king of all, the one I choose to obey

Thank you Lord for those jelly beans reminding us.
The Egg and The Cross
Happy Easter to you lovelies!

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  1. I'm just swinging over to wish you a Happy Easter!

  2. I hope you and yours had a blessed Easter! HUGZZZZZZZZZZ

  3. Thanks Colette for the reminder, and yes hopeless is what we are without Christ.


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