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Electryfreeing Yourself

What would you do for fun if you had to give up TV and electronics?


  • I get losts in books. 
  • Ride bikes with the kids. 
  • Play any sort of ball games outside and inside. 
  • Go to the park
  • Board games
  • Dance parties inside the house
  • Dress up with the kids. 
  • Ahh such fun! 


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  1. What would I do? Well after freaking out I'd read, walk, eat our meals outdoors. Well I guess that's assuming it's not winter ;)

    Thanks for visiting yesterday and for the comment!


  2. I would do soooooo much reading!


    and a lil scrapbooking on the side....even if I couldn't take photos anymore I've got enough to fill many books!!!

  4. your kids are at the perfect age to do all of those things on the list. Yippee...hope you will do a lot of it and have lots of fun.

  5. I would work Jumble and Crossword and Soduko puzzles a lot more. Also read and bicycle.

  6. Oh yes, and write. Write stories, poems, and whatever. I would also study more of writing.

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  8. Read, ride my bike, take a walk, play board/card games, or do crossword puzzles or Sudoku.

  9. I would get caught up on my reading. Spend more time at the park. The rest of the time would be working in my yard and playing with my cats.

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  11. Get outdoors more, write more letters, read, clean more,... But, gee I'm glad we don't have to worry about not having TV or electronics like our computer & the internet. lol

    Thanks for visiting! Have a good weekend, my friend!

  12. read, bike ride, hike, crafts,

    chantal @ tcms

  13. Go outside and read a book, absolutely!! Love reading and go for a walk and take pictures along the way.

  14. Read, read, read! And, I've always wanted to learn to knit.

  15. Maybe I'd muster up the courage to go to the salon :)

    Thanks for featuring me as your guest. I'm learning the ropes in bloggy.

    Show me how to link you on my sidebar. like yours over there ok.

  16. Lots of reading, crafting/knitting, and playing board games with the kids.

  17. My list would be very similar to yours - along with more gardening and winemaking. ;)

    Random Cocktails

  18. Probably get a lot of projects done- if that's considered fun.

    Have a great Friday!

  19. I would take more photos, and being outside more when the weather permits..I don't watch much TV already, but spend way too much time blogging, but it's my work, really!

    (About your comment on my can find out how much storage space you've used by just type in Picasa web album, and if you already signed in with Blogger, it will take you right to the account. Scroll all the way down, and you will see "You are currently using..." Hope this help!)

  20. Oh, I would read too. I already read a lot, but I would read all the time without my internet.

  21. I would read which is what I do most of the time now.

  22. i would read read and read... but i would go crazy with no camera :)

  23. I'm ANYTHING outdoors; walks, hikes, biking, swimming, kayaking....I love nature xD

    I'm also in love with exercising-I know, I'm a weird one. Lol

    I feel you on the reading front ^.^

    Making my jewelry and doing other crafts....

    I guess it just depends on the mood I'm in :)


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